Jan 12, 2009

Succesion by means of resonance

I believe that plants sing.

They, like us and everything that has been created, being composed of various frequencies while, they don't "communicate" per se, they are something akin to Gods instruments. It is almost as if they are notes, in a larger composition. They all have their role in this orchestra of which we are all comprised. Biology has taught me that there is an intricate relationship between, plants, microbes, fungi, atmosphere, light, organic materials and us, but it fails to consider how we are all related. It offers us ideas about molecular bonds, and chemical reactions, ion and cations, negative and positive charge, electron transport, but what about frequency and resonance? We get into quantum physics, and things that aren't measurable by instruments we've made, because we haven't got any idea of what we are trying to measure. It is like using a dog whistle, the dog can hear it, but we can't. If we can't hear it, how then are we able to measure it?

While I understand that plants attract to them microbes and fungi by exuding certain chemicals and nutrients, I also think they use frequency as well, to resonate, attract. As I mentioned before, in regards to resonance, one either conforms, or destructs. Destructs also refers to simply, transform, moving away from the situation, because of the inability to conform, things move towards or away from each other based upon the frequencies at which they resonate.
This is also why I think you have succession. The ability of an ecosystem to heal itself by means of attracting or perpetuating certain environments for large species of plants to inhabit, whose sole purpose is to prepare the soil for another series of plants. Certain shrubs like Junipers have an intricate relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria. When they establish themselves in a given area, they are essentially amending the soil by adding nitrogen into it. Once they have contributed to the soil, it becomes rich in nitrogen, unsuitable for the Junipers, they eventually expire, their rich materials allow for another plant to gain a foothold where the Juniper once sat. Perhaps it is an Aspen, a cottonwood, or pinion pine, the type of tree that requires an abundance of nitrogen, where in the very same spot a couple generations back, there was none.

This process is constant, never ending and simultaneous, it is even occurring on a microscopic level as lichens and fungi and microbes are able to transform a barren landscape if given the opportunity and materials to do so.

This is why you have forests with many of the same trees in a given area. They are preparing the soil, so that over time, a new species comes in and is able to survive where before, they would not have been able to. There is a purpose for it, and the means by which this happens, well there are theories and some may be accurate, it is not to say that the plants don't use many methods by which to accomplish their means, however I ascertain to what I believe is an unknown variable, resonance.
It isn't as if the plants themselves are intelligent beings themselves, rather they are an extension of the creator, and they are able to communicate with their surroundings through this phenomenon.

I suppose I'm being a bit redundant here, but it is hard to explain.. The fact that we can manipulate matter with sound waves, look at HAARP, they have the potential to shift entire portions of the earths crust simply by emulating the frequencies at which those strata layers are found.

The idea that aging and becoming hard of hearing, is the process by which little by little, the frequencies heard, begins to diminish because the cochlea in the ear begins to lose that specific frequency receptor. You know that ringing in your ears you get after a night out listening to loud music? The ringing is your cochlea breaking, it is the last time you will ever hear that exact frequency ever again. Once the ringing stops, it is gone, you can't perceive it anymore. Or consider the methods by which kidney stones are removed. A person is submerged in a vat of water and then barraged with sound waves, whose frequencies resonate with the frequencies of the kidney stones, eventually destroying them, so that they are small enough to expel through the urinary tract.

Therefore, it only makes sense to consider the option, that plants can use frequency to communicate with their surroundings. Both with inanimate and living objects, since when you break us down into the simplest form, you find we are all just a bunch of sound waves. There may be those who agree to disagree with me on this subject, to them I suggest learning about Super String Theory and studying some physics. It just makes sense. Sound is the one thing that is able to travel through all states of matter, solid, liquid and gas and I can't say whether or not they have tried to put it through plasma, but I'll bet it can travel through that too.

What are the implications of this phenomenon? Well, I suppose that there are a number of ways to look at it. The fact is that any alterations made to a landscape is going to change the harmonic resonance of that landscape. Adding structures, contamination, even bodies is going to change the interactions of the area. I suppose in an odd way, you can consider how your actions affect the greater picture. How what you do has a ripple effect upon the surrounding landscape of your life. The natural world is a great analogy for us, perhaps because at one point, we relied solely upon if for our sustenance. Now it seems, we abuse it and exploit it, tamper with it, even attempt to create what we think is a better working model.

Genetically modified organisms, monoculture farming, biologically engineering plants, hybridizing. These are all actions man has taken, for some reason or another, to alter the natural order of things. The implications are far reaching, as we begin to find more and more, that natural strains of plants are being contaminated by artificially manipulated GMO plants through pollination, some of which have had their reproduction genes terminated. What does this mean? Well, a famous book the Bible, speaks about a time in the future, when there will be famines, food shortages, starvation. It does not however, specify whether or not these phenomenon are man made or not. Something to consider in lieu of the circumstances we find ourselves being presented with.

What has this got to do with anything you wonder? Well, to be honest, I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I think the further away from creation we get, as it was originally designed, the harder it is going to become for us to survive. This is why I strive to keep alive the traditions of old, why I'm so inclined towards the agrarian lifestyle. The simple sort of life. If the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, if it is like a blade of grass, what is the kingdom of God?


Anonymous said...

"It isn't as if the plants themselves are intelligent beings themselves, rather they are an extension of the creator, and they are able to communicate with their surroundings through this phenomenon."

I would agree.

I will say only a couple things:

Those who see plants as individual beings will misunderstand, and those who see them as nothing but chemicals will also misunderstand.

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michael said...

that is deep and very insightful. good job.